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We all love our children dearly, but sometimes may want to enjoy an adult evening out and that is where Guardian Angels can assist with a trustworthy and reliable Babysitter.
Let us make your social life simple. All our childcare is flexible to suit your needs.

We endeavour to place your children in the next best hands to yours so you can go out and enjoy your free time without worrying. We have got them.

Our Babysitters will come to your home, hotel or wherever you are that is safe and secure.

We offer one-off and ad hoc babysitting.
If you use our services regularly you may have a preferred Babysitter who you can request and we will do our best to facilitate this.

Daytime Childcare

We can provide daytime childcare for as little as 3 hours.
Our childcare professionals will look after your children in your own home so you can get on with your day.
This service is very useful during school holidays and inset days.

Temporary and Permanent Nannies

The benefits of employing a Nanny are infinite. Possibly the most worthy of note is knowing that your child will feel secure in their own surroundings and that they are receiving individual attention.

In addition to taking care of your little angels, professional Nannies have a standard set of duties to carry out. These nursery duties include :

  • Preparing healthy meals
  • Bathing and dressing the children
  • Tidying their bedroom, bathroom and playroom
  • Washing and ironing of their clothes and bed linen.

A Nanny will also organise stimulating activities for your children and ensure that they get plenty of exercise and fresh air. They will create a happy and relaxed environment around your young ones and make sure that they feel safe at all times.

Holiday Nannies

This is a very popular service that we offer, at home and abroad. If you would like someone to entertain your children on the flight, keep an eye on them in the pool while you unwind or just have another pair of hands, we can arrange for a Nanny to accompany you on holiday.

You take care of all the Nanny's travel and accomodation expenses and in return get a stress free holiday. Holiday Nannies typically take care of the children (sole or joint care as you wish) for 8 hours a day.

They will also babysit for you a couple of evenings a week so you can have some alone time. We do ask you give your Nanny a day off to recharge her batteries.

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