Are We Sleepwalking Towards a Childcare Crisis?

If you are a parent in the UK, then I am sure that you are already more than aware of the staggering cost of childcare in our country. It has recently been reported that the cost of full-time childcare now stands at a staggering £164 a week; this may seem like a perfectly acceptable, and dare I say it reasonable figure for those working in the City and earning upwards of £65,000 per annum.

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Solving Childcare Needs Over Christmas

Over Christmas everyone's routine changes as we accommodate additional social engagements and seasonal commitments into our usual schedule. Expectedly, our household staff also request to take some of their annual leave to spend quality time with their own family over Christmas and into the New Year.

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Why Is Childcare so very Important?

There are many aspects that come into play in a child's developmental process. Some of these include physical, emotional, mental and social development. The child would need a conducive environment that fosters the proper development of all these processes. This is what proper childcare has to offer.

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